How Good Is This Game- Red Dead Redemption

catch 1I participated the PS3 bandwagon late (I’m an extremely casual player) and also this was one of the video games I was actually looking forward to. I was actually very excited with the timing of my console acquisition since the GOTY Edition of the game had just come out. Overall, it’s a lot of fun. I believe like many gamers that got into RDR, I wasn’t into westerns, however understanding that it was GTA-sequel made it irresistible, and Red Dead Redemption definitely delivers in that department. For me, after playing GTA4 Complete Edition and being disheartened in the changes from Vice City and San Andreas to GTA4, RDR delivered an experience that was fun and kept me going back. Unlike GTA4 and San Andreas, the enormity of the game world doesn’t distract from the video game but rather improves the encounter.


catch 2In GTA4 in particular, after playing through the primary game and carrying out some of the edge missions, I discovered myself getting tired and proceeding to the various other episodes quickly. With RDR, I was actually always coming back and had actually finished nearly all of the side quests before finishing the main video game because they were so much fun. Certainly there is A Lot to accomplish within this game. I’m all for animal rights and all that, however you need to admit that hunting is an absolute blast. The diversity of the various territories in Red Dead Redemption was actually a very welcome change from the monotony of the three isles in GTA4. Certainly there are lots of sites to see and also some of the side quests even involve searching for treasure at these sites. The story for this game is absolutely amazing. It takes a natural look at among the strangest times in American history and also puts the concepts of progress and manifest destiny in a frequently unflattering light (i.e. you can get a trophy when it comes to killing the last buffalo and also think terrible regarding it afterward.) Certainly not to ruin anything, but the events resulting in the end of the video game are possibly the most enthralling I’ve ever played in a game.


catch 3As for sound, the speech acting is fantastic and the music while sporadic and minimalistic underlines the somber tone of the game perfectly. As for the extras consisted of with the game, the things like the tomahawk, additional guns, new outfits, and also the additional quests were fantastic, but Undead Nightmare … well, I was actually underwhelmed. I have not played all the way through Undead Nightmare because it alters a lot about the game play and really, it wasn’t as enjoyable to me. Protecting towns is tedious and with such restricted amounts of ammo, it seemed like it was always a struggle simply to stay on top of things to ensure that I really did not find myself ever before really progressing the storyline. I know a great deal of people sucked as Undead Nightmare, but it simply had not been my thing. Overall, for the cost in this package and everything that it consists of, I believed it effectively worth every single penny.


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